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IRBNet, a WIRB-Copernicus Group company, is the most widely-used research compliance management platform, providing powerful, flexible and cost-effective technology solutions to organizations in all 50 states and internationally. IRBNet's large, diverse membership includes universities and colleges, community hospitals, hospital networks, and federal and state agencies.

IRBNet's web-based product suite helps organizations manage the complex federal ethics compliance requirements governing human, animal and recombinant DNA research, and modules power Conflict of Interest, IRB, IACUC, Biosafety, Sponsored Programs, Publication Tracking and other committees on a unified platform. Solutions enable institutions to comprehensively oversee the research compliance activities of both internal and external review panels.

National Research Network Members benefit from streamlined processes, reduced information technology and operational costs, shortened cycle times, greater process transparency and superior data reporting. They have the opportunity to participate in, and benchmark with, the largest research and compliance oversight network in the country.

Product Suite Features

For Researchers

  • My Projects dashboard
  • Electronic submissions
  • Cross Institutional collaboration
  • Custom Form Wizards to improve guidance and document quality (consent forms, application forms and more)
  • Training and Credentials
  • Multi-Site studies
  • Instant notification of study approval
  • Automated continuing review alerts

For Coordinators / Administrators

  • Quality control and pre-review tools
  • Route electronic submissions to Members for review
  • Track Researcher and Member Training
  • Meeting management
  • Agenda and Minutes Builders
  • Custom Approval Letter and Correspondence Wizards
  • Version control and audit support
  • Multi-board workflow management
  • Fully searchable and reportable

For Members and Boards

  • Submission Manager dashboard
  • Instant access anytime, anywhere
  • Post comments and collaborate prior to meetings
  • Increase transparency and accessibility

Contact Information

PO Box 1325,
Lebanon, NH 03766