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Svetlana Kazanskaya
Director, Business Development
+7 981 844 10 48 (Time Zone GMT +3)

Accell Clinical Research, LLC
101 E. Culpeper St., Suite 102
Culpeper, VA 22701

Company History

Accell Clinical Research is an international full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) managing Phase I-III clinical trials for 10+ years across Eastern Europe. With local presence, including highly qualified medical staff and legal entities in the region, we successfully recruit patients both in EU and outside EU in post-Soviet countries (CIS):

To support multinational clinical trials with superior service, we have access to a network of trusted partners across the globe allowing us to tap into regions such as:

  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Latin America;
  • North America;
  • Western Europe.

Fast patient recruitment in the Eastern European region, international quality standards in conduct of clinical trials, and our in-depth knowledge of the local clinical trial landscape lead to sponsor’s cost savings and reduced time-to-market. Backed up by a strong operational strategy and a record of continuously being a top-recruiter in all our studies, we make it our mission to complete each clinical trial on time.

Finally, awards received by Accell clearly attest our commitment to quality and professionalism:

  • Best Clinical Trial Management Firm - Eastern Europe. GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2018;
  • CRO Leadership Award for Reliability by Life science Leader magazine in 2015.

Service We Offer

Full service for Phase I-III clinical trials:

  • Strategic guidance and trial set-up:
    • Feasibility research and site selection
    • Study documentation development
    • Regulatory support
    • Clinical supply import and management
    • Selection and management of clinical study vendors
  • Project management
  • Clinical & medical monitoring
  • Data management and biostatistics
  • Quality assurance
  • Safety management
  • TMF/eTMF services

Functional outsourcing of a clinical team

Contract any number of monitors (CRAs), senior monitors, coordinators, and project managers for a specified time to supplement internal resources without expanding the in-house clinical team to easily access remote markets.

Rescue Studies

What do you do when your clinical trial falls behind schedule? Poor site performance and slow patient recruitment have a dramatic effect on the global pharma community. It is known that almost 80% of clinical trials fall behind schedule while the industry spends billions of dollars on underperforming sites.

At Accell, we never faced a problem of poor recruitment, though. Why? We know how to outperform, and we guarantee enrollment on time. This is why historically Accell has been rescuing a large number of trials.

See Accell’s recruitment metrics below (in red) in comparison with the Rest of The World (blue) in the same studies. Numbers show patients per site per month. We simply outperform.

Therapeutic Areas

Focus on Oncology

Having a strong background in oncology, Accell has introduced in 2018 its new stand-alone division – ACCELL ONCOLOGY. We are a team of dedicated CIS and Eastern European Union oncology people. The clinical team at Accell Oncology is composed of members with oncology backgrounds: almost 70% of clinical team members have an experience in conducting oncology trials.

Altogether, we have successfully completed over 110 oncology projects, including various full-service clinical studies and consulting projects.

In all our oncology studies Accell has a proven record of consistently being a top-recruiter. We outperformed in a number of indications including breast cancer, NSCLC, head & neck cancer, multiple myeloma, etc.

In our current study Accell has also shown outstanding numbers: with just 6 countries under Accell’s management, we have recruited 34% of all patients in a global Phase III oncology trial that took place altogether in 20+ countries.

High numbers mentioned above are followed with an excellent quality of data. Our strong history of audits reflects the quality of our work with 100% of Sponsor-initiated audits and inspections resulting in no major findings.

Taken together, Accell’s experience translates into solid knowledge applied towards our clients’ success.

Why Eastern Europe

Clinical trials approval in 30-60 days.

On average, it takes between 4 - 5 months for Accell’s team to start-up a trial across all our geographies.

Regulatory agency recognition.

About 60% of clinical trial data included in marketing authorization applications to the EMA has been generated outside the EU. We work in EU countries, as well as non-EU countries fully compliant with ICH E6 Guidelines.

Patient access.

We offer unparalleled access to centralized and specialized healthcare institutions with high treatment capacity. This allows trial sponsors to recruit 6-10 times faster than at sites set in a private practice.

Strategic thinking.

Our country selection approach revolves around building strong relationships with hundreds of centralized, multidepartment hospitals in various indications. Stringent investigator selection criteria helps ensure our projections are met.

Our Main Offices

The US:

Financial & Legal Inquiries

101 E. Culpeper St., Suite 102,

Culpeper, VA 22701 USA

+1 540 321 40 51

Russian Federation:

Clinical Operations & Business Development

Bolshoy Sampsoniyevskiy pr., 28/D, Suite 317.1,

St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia

+7 812 332 14 20


Contact Information

Svetlana Kazanskaya
Director, Business Development
+7 981 844 10 48 (Time Zone GMT +3)

Accell Clinical Research, LLC
101 E. Culpeper St., Suite 102
Culpeper, VA 22701

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