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Complion Overview

Complion is the leading eRegulatory and document management platform used by research sites to manage trial documentation.

Complion is the first and only company soley focused on eRegulatory and document management for research sites. Complion removes walls between physicians, administrators and staff by intelligently providing secure access to the right document when they need it. Leading sites, hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems and cancer centers around the country use Complion to go paperless, improve compliance, and streamline operations.

  • Reduce Frustration: Eliminate headaches associated with searching, filing, routing, & tracking documents.
  • Empower Staff: Provide secure access to study documents so staff focus on trials, not paperwork.
  • Accelerate Growth: Reduce costs and scale up your research and without adding clerical staff.
  • Improve Compliance: Centralize and standardize documentation across all trials, teams, & sites.

Customer Success Services

In addition to our industry-leading, eRegulatory and Document Management platform, Complion’s Customer Success team provides world-class professional services - delivering an immediate return on your investment and ongoing value. We partner with you to define your goals and identify what success means to you.

  • Professional, All-inclusive Technical Support
  • Product Upgrades & Planning
  • Part 11 Validation & Compliance
  • SOP & Policy Development
  • Community Forums
  • Customer Engagement & Feedback
  • Account Management
  • Site Advocacy


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    Educational Webinars

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  • Best Practices for Participant Safety: Assessment, Documentation & Reporting of Adverse Events

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    Customer Stories

    “Complion allows us to setup standard ‘binder’ templates based on our preferences to ensure our files are being saved in a consistent matter. Now our team is interacting more often on a daily basis and it is much easier to find the documents we need right from our desktops, without having to sort through tons of paper contained in multiple binders, in varied locations. Using Complion is liberating!” -- Amy Rovitelli, University of Rochester Medical Center - Wilmot Cancer Institute

    “Complion recognizes the importance of ensuring the highest standards of compliance are met. Unlike other software vendors we have worked with, the Complion implementation team and Mary Crowley collaborated together to develop the User Acceptance Test and execute the protocols in a matter of hours.” -- Yasmina Harb, Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers

    “Complion takes the time to learn from users about their pain-points and needs and partners with them to make suggestions and develop workflows that go above and beyond simply replicating the current paper processes.” -- J. Addington, Research Director

    “One of the most expensive assets we have are our people. The more chasing around that they need to do, the less time they have to do more important work. One of the goals I have as the director of a research program is to minimize non-value added work – to streamline it and optimize it – and to allow our people to move on to more important things. Complion helps me achieve that goal.” -- Christy Gilchrist, PhD, CRA, HSHS St. Vincent Hospital

    “What you do really, really well is service and support. You are more than willing to help and provide guidance whenever we need it. Complion is the only vendor we work with that is truly site focused and site driven. We always feel like a priority.” -- Dustin Caldwell, OptiMed Research

    Contact Information

    1621 Euclid Ave, Suite 2150
    Cleveland, OH 44115

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